Continuing Education - 02/10/2017

"Great class, instruction and environment."

"Content is clear.  Great program and instruction!"

"Very much enjoyed the class."

"One of Chris' strengths is her knowledge of real estate and her ability to transfer that to the student. Excellent."

"Chris is Fun, Kind, and Enthusiastic"

Continuing Education - 03/30/2017

"Will definitely take again and recommend to everyone I know."

"Chris made the class enjoyable and interesting"

"Chris's greatest strength is her personal and business experiences. Great Atmosphere."

Continuing Education - 9/21/2016

"Chris' greatest strengths are her knowledge of the subject matter and pleasing personality. Will take other classes."

Selected Topics - 02/07/2016


"Excellent communicator and excellent knowledge of material. Like the case studies."

Continuing Education - 12/14/2016

Real Estate Education

107 Commerce Street, Suite D1

Greenville, NC 27858


"Good Environment, Great Teacher."

"The instructors' greatest strength is her been there - done that - experience."

"Her strengths are her ability to give accurate information in ways that help in retaining subject matter.  Great Teacher!"​​

"She is truly excited about real estate, and it shows!  Comfortable setting, snacks are nice and small class size."


"Great Class! Learned a lot."

"Chris always answered questions where I could understand the answers as it related to the topic."

Continuing Education - 02/11/2017

Continuing Education - 12/14/2016

Continuing Education - 08-2016

East Carolina School of Real Estate

"One of Chris' strengths is her ability to relate to students."

Continuing Education - 10/22/2016

"Chris is very knowledgeable of the course material and kept the class engaged."

Continuing Education - 11/22/2016

"Keeps students engaged"

"The instructors' greatest strength is her breadth of experience and personality. Very affordable, nice facilities, snacks provided."

"Instructor was very good at breaking down subject and was very open with the class and allowed them to get involved."

"Chris' greatest strength is her knowledge of the topics and clear explanations. The class was enjoyable, learned a lot."

Contracts & Closings Class - 03/07/2016

"Fun and Knowledgeable."

"Very personable. Open, small classes."

"Beautiful facility. Clean and nice quotes."

"Chris is friendly and professional and I believe your students will love her!"

"Chris is knowledgeable, relatable, down to earth and entertaining to keep the class engaged. I enjoyed learning under this instruction."


"Chris' greatest strength is her personal experience and relating that to the subject matter,"

"Chris makes the class subject relate to real world examples. I like the location, class size, communication between students, and overall feel of the class."

Broker Relationships & Responsibilities - 03/27/2017

"I was impressed with the class information."

Broker Relationships & Responsibilities Class - 01/18/2016


"One of the best class I have taken."

"The instructor has the ability to relate to student inquiries and knowledge of the system."

Continuing Education - 09/19/2016